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I’ve seen two strong female characters die in less than one week and book death scenes were hard on my heart, they had different roles, but nonetheless they will be missed.


ARROW tonight in a nutshell

This is the best thing EVER!!! You hear me? EVER!


ARROW tonight in a nutshell

This is the best thing EVER!!! You hear me? EVER!



*shoots open the Arrow writers’ door* MAKE SIN A REGULAR IN SEASON THREE YA HEAR ME *leaves*



Can we all just pause for a minute and realize that

Ollie fucking passed out when he saw his own mother get stabbed right in the chest?

The Oliver Queen. Arrow. Hardass Motherfucker.

He’s still a mama’s boy. He didn’t pass out when his dad shot himself (though I would’ve lord knows I ain’t…

So this week both Arrow and Agents of SHIELD had powerful scenes that showed what the leads are capable of, Arrow seems darker, but SHIELD stuff is a little heartbreaking as well, I am glad that while DC is nowhere near Marvel and Sony this year -I hope Fox can deliver like Sony and Marvel did- in the film area, they are at least fighting ground -and IMO winning- in the TV live Action shows area, AoS is awesome though, if only DC and Marvel had better animations on TV -I enjoyed Avengers Confidential more than Son of Batman that is a weird omen-







When called, they each came for different reasons.

pinche pendejada que es esta mamada? hahahahahahaha

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The difference between Mary-Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy is Mary-Jane fell in love with Spiderman and Gwen fell in love with Peter Parker

Wasn’t that the difference between Black Cat and both of them?

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