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Shun (Hades) y Pandora


Shun (Hades) y Pandora


Asgard was always my favorite saga…

"Las mujeres son de Venus, los hombres de Marte y los caballeros del Zodiaco"

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They said ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ but I met a poor man who wanted to be rich, but have never met a rich man who wanted to be poor

You definitely don’t understand what that statement means. You can come up with all the smartass comebacks you want but money will never buy you happiness.

I actually come here to voice my disgust at Loeb, yes, I like Blue and Yellow quite a lot, you don’t need to do other thing than to look into my suggestions after ASM2.

But what he said about the Daredevil movie is stupid and trendie.

The Director’s Cut of that movie, the one that all of the involved signed up to make is still superior than First Avenger, the Iron Sequels and as a character driven movie it has more valid points than Avengers -not saying it is technically better than Avengers just that it is thematically more solid- it is mostly better than the junk of cartoons Marvel is producing nowadays.

It just makes me sad, it was trendie to hate the movie in 2003 because of Affleck and because it came out butchered to cinemas -and still there were some good bits there- but no one took the time to see what the movie actually had going -which is a more flawed thematically complex story that The Dark Knight came and made in a much better way-

I say this as a guy who only buys Daredevil comics on a regular basis.


Tom Hiddleston.

Filmography (2006-2015)

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Final Fantasy XV - Main Characters

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